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When David Russ conceptualized WebMarketingSpecialists.com in December 1999, it initially focused on consultancy in marketing, handling companies' web marketing, helping companies bring their products to the web, and getting private individuals and companies higher search engine rankings.

In August 2000, WebMarketingSpecialists.com decided it was time to further evolve toward its core competency: Search Engine Placement. WebMarketingSpecialists.com began laying down plans on what Search Engine Placement services to offer, no longer taking on new full-time clients. It was a very exciting time at WebMarketingSpecialists.com.

And now, in March 2001, WebMarketingSpecialists.com becomes a hub site for top Internet marketing experts, and provides information on e-zine publishing, e-mail and online learning, site design and development, content writing and e-books. It now also offers services in the areas of web design, ghostwriting and content editing.

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Create Your First E-mail Workshop in 3 Days! is a free e-mail course that shows you exactly how to create an e-mail workshop easily and quickly.

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